DKAN Starter Documentation (Beta)


These docs are being migrated from our internal documentation system and are currently in beta. We will be updating them throughout the next several weeks.

DKAN Starter is a tool for implementing DKAN. DKAN Starter solves the following issues:

  • Staying up-to-date with DKAN
  • Adding contributed (3rd party DKAN or Drupal) modules
  • Adding custom modules
  • Configuring DKAN
  • DKAN, Drupal Core, and Drupal modules security updates
  • Testing (using Behat and CircleCI)
  • Quality Assurance (using Probo.CI)
  • Local development (docker)
  • Deploying DKAN (defaults to Acquia)
  • Using DKAN Best Practices

DKAN Starter is designed as an upstream that integrates with DKAN updates. DKAN implementers can get immediate updates when new minor or patch release is published by DKAN.

DKAN Starter is meant for developers or sysadmins who are tasked with creating a DKAN site. This documentation assumes knowledge of Drupal, LAMP stack administration, and devops tools.