Add custom configurationΒΆ

By custom configuration we mean:

  • A new Content Type
  • A new View
  • A new Page
  • Whatever can be captured in features in a custom module

Whatever’s you need to customise the project, you should set the feature export to somewhere inside the docroot/sites/all/modules/custom folder. That way, your module will persist when the site gets remade (Read Add a custom module if you don’t understand what this means). Please note your changes shouldn’t be added directly to docroot/sites/all/modules/custom but to config/modules/custom, otherwise, your changes will be lost on the next DKAN Starter upgrade.

However, there’s a few caveats:

  1. If you add something custom to the site, you need to make sure it gets tested every time new code gets added to the project (on a Pull Request).
  1. It doesn’t need to be the fanciest behat test, something like this will do -> tests/features/general.feature
  2. Create a behat feature file for your tests (name it appropriately)
  3. Look at the circle.yml recipe to see if it’s setup to run that behat feature
  1. Customisation does not mean in any way DKAN overrides. If you plan to introduce overrides please refer to Override a DKAN out of the box feature