Add a contributed library

Whenever you want to add a library you need to guarantee two specific conditions:

  1. The module needs to be added to the codebase
  2. The module needs to be added to the project’s make file so if the website gets rebuild (for instance when dkan get’s updated), the module remains in the codebase and doesn’t get deleted

Let’s say, for instance, that we want to add the Angular module to the project.

Add the module to the custom_libs.make file

Add the folowing line to custom.make

# Angular
libraries[angular][type] = libraries
libraries[angular][download][type] = git
libraries[angular][download][url] = ""
libraries[angular][download][tag] = "2.0.0"

Add to the project


ahoy build custom-libs

That should put the angular library at docroot/sites/all/libraries/angular.