Patching or “Overriding” DKAN

DKAN overrides

Sometimes you will need to make a patch directly to DKAN or a DKAN profile specific module.

These patches can go in confing/overrides.make

Adding a Patch to Override DKAN

Any patches to DKAN or modules supplied by DKAN (any code in the dkan/ folder) should be added to the config/overrides.make file as a patch linked by a URL or a local patch contained in config/assets/patches.

Patches should be applied to the appropriate git repository, included in a pull request, and applied to your build as outlined below.

To test the application of the patch you can run

ahoy build overrides

Overrides are applied in the build process when running

ahoy build update VERSION

See Updating DKAN Starter to Latest Version of DKAN

Here is a step by step process:

  1. Create the patch
    1. Create a PR
    2. Make sure the PR can be merged into the release-1-12 (or the release number you are working off of)
    3. Get a diff of the PR
      1. Go to or
      2. Select the upstream branch, ie release-1-12, and the PR you want to override with.
      3. Add .diff to the end
  1. Add the patch to the config/overrides.make
api: '2'
core: 7.x
    subdir: dkan
      type: git
      tag: 7.x-1.12
      1: ""
  1. Test patch by running ahoy build overrides
    1. Patched module should appear in docroot/sites/all/modules/overrides

Implementation Notes

During ahoy site remake there is a step to append whatever is at the end of the overrides.make file to dkan/drupal-org.make file. In effect we are introducing overrides to the make file because anything that is defined last a make file overrides whatever has been defined first.

Such overrides are put in overrides folder within docroot/sites/all/modules/overrides.