Update DKAN StarterΒΆ

When a new version of DKAN is released, the core dkan_starter repo needs to be updated. The following instructions are primarily for the core DKAN team that maintains the [dkan_starter repo](https://github.com/GetDKAN/dkan_starter), but if you maintain a fork of dkan_starter as an “upstream” to build your own organization’s sites from, you may need to do this as well.

  1. git checkout master
  2. git checkout -b [branch-name]
  3. If upgrading DKAN, update line 11 in build-dkan.make with the latest tag from DKAN
  4. ahoy build remake
  5. Commit your changes
  6. git push origin [branch-name] and create the PR
  7. Merge if all tests pass
  8. Create new tag for data_starter

### Reminders - Adding or removing a module? Make sure to update the $features_master list in assest/modules/data_config/data_config.module